Bulletin of the Sea Fisheries Institute 1 (152) 2001

Scientific papers   
MAREK R. LIPIŃSKI - Preliminary description of two new species of Cephalopods (Cephalopoda: Brachioteuthidae) from South Atlantic and Antarctic waters 3
KRYSTYNA MACIEJEWSKA and PIOTR MargońskiI - Status of arrow worms (Chaetognatha) in the southern Baltic Sea 15
DOROTA NAPIERSKA and EDWARD F. SKORKOWSKI - Isolation and some properties of malic enzyme from the abdomen muscle of Antarctic krill Euphausia superba 31
Józef Sosiński and KORDIAN TRELLA - Fish distribution on the shelves of the Atlantic Ocean Antarctic Area with respect to stock density 45
Short communications
HENRYK RENK, STANISŁAW OCHOCKI, MARIUSZ ZALEWSKI and HENRYK CHMIELOWSKI - Environmental factors controlling primary production in the Polish part of the Vistula Lagoon 77