Bulletin of the Sea Fisheries Institute 1 (146) 1999

Scientific papers   
ANDRZEJ DOWGIAŁŁO - Investigations of resistance during fish fillet skinning 3
ANDRZEJ DOWGIAŁŁO - The determination of optimal lines for sprat deheading and gutting taking into consideration technological and technical issues 13
ANDRZEJ DOWGIAŁŁO - The spatial orientation of sprat positioning 27
WALDEMAR MODERHAK - Investigations of the selectivity of cod codends with meshes turned through 90° 39
MARIAN SZATYBEŁKO and RAJMUND DUBRAWSKI - The biotechnical possibilities of removing pollution from significantly degraded marine environment 57
ZYGMUNT USYDUS and PIOTR J. BYKOWSKI - Treatment of wastewater from fish processing factories 73
JANUSZ ZAUCHA and MAŁGORZATA MATULANIEC - The effectiveness of protection from net overgrowth through the application of environmentally friendly biocides 85
Short communications
LUCYNA POLAK-JUSZCZAK and ANNA SOBOLEWSKA - Total mercury content as a function of length in fish from the southern Baltic 109
JANUSZ ZAUCHA, WIESŁAW BLADY and WALDEMAR MODERHAK - The selectivity of polyamide cod codends 115