Bulletin of the Sea Fisheries Institute 3 (160) 2003

Scientific papers   
Iwona Barska and Ireneusz Skrzyński - Contents of methylmercury and total mercury in Baltic Sea fish and fish products 3
WŁODZIMIERZ Grygiel and Mirosław Wyszyński - Sex ratio of herring and sprat from the southern Baltic basins in 1980-2000 17
Jan Horbowy - An estimation of stock dynamics of eastern Baltic cod using stock-production and difference models 33
Andrzej Kompowski, Zbigniew Neja - The growth rate and condition of asp Aspius aspius (L., 1758) from Międzyodrze waters 47
Short communications
Kordian Trella - The growth rate of the six selected fish species inhabiting in the Polish part of the Vistula Lagoon 61