Research on giant trawls in the Polish fishery
Bulletin of the Sea Fisheries Institute 1 (140) 1997, pp. 67-75

Józef Świniarski, Henryk Sendłak and Piotr Nowakowski
Academy of Agriculture, K. Królewicza 4, 71-550 Szczecin, Poland

Key words: trawl model tests, fish catches, trawler, giant trawl.

The subject of research and implementation was large-sized pelagic trawls for catching dispersed shoals of fish in the open ocean.  In the new large-sized trawls, a new type of DYNEEMA fibers was used. The trawls tested were disigned  for 3,680 kW trawlers. At the first stage  of the research, tests were carried out on 1:10 scale models. Implementation tests were conducted on the Bering Sea on board the trawler M/T ACAMAR.