Bulletin of the Sea Fisheries Institute 1 (140) 1997

Scientific papers   
WALDEMAR MODERHAK - Determination of selectivity of cod codends made of netting turned through 90° 3
JANUSZ ZAUCHA, WIESŁAW BLADY and WALDEMAR MODERHAK - Protective properties of cod trawl codends with selective windows  15
Research reports
LESZEK GAJOWIECKI - The characteristics of protein concentrates produced from a krill precipitate  25
LESZEK GAJOWIECKI - The characteristics of aroma compounds in raw krill (Euphausia superba Dana) and a krill precipitate  37
LUCYNA POLAK-JUSZCZAK - The assessment of the hazard of contamination with heavy metals to consumers' health based on monitoring research on the quality of Baltic fish and their products  49
MARIAN SZATYBEŁKO - Contribution to mechanical forcing of opening of meshes in trawl codends 59
JÓZEF ŚWINIARSKI, HENRYK SENDŁAK and PIOTR NOWAKOWSKI - Research on giant trawls in the Polish fishery  67
JANUSZ ZAUCHA and MAŁGORZATA MATULANIEC - Anti-overgrowth finishing of fishing nets by using biocides of low toxicity to the aquatic environment  77