Bulletin of the Sea Fisheries Institute 2 (153) 2001

Scientific papers   
Irena BORZĘCKA - Growth of Vistula sea trout (Salmo trutta m. trutta L.) based on adults caught in the Vistula River prior to the construction of the dam in W�oc�awek 3
Jonathan A. Hare, Donald E. Hoss, Allyn B. Powell, MAŁGORZATa Konieczna, David S. Peters, Shailer R. Cummings, and Roger Robbins - Larval distribution and abundance of the family Scombridae and Scombrolabracidae in the vicinity of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands 13
S�awomira Gromisz and Zbigniew Witek - Main phytoplankton assemblages in the Gulf of Gdańsk and the Pomeranian Bay from 1994 to 1997 31
Krystyna Maciejewska, Krzysztof W. Opaliński and Piotr Margońskii - Energy budget in early stages of smelt Osmerus eperlanus (L.) 53
Short communications
Katarzyna Horbowa - Fish larvae as food for age group 1 smelt  Osmerus eperlanus (L.) in the Vistula Lagoon in spring 1998 and 1999 63