Bulletin of the Sea Fisheries Institute 3 (151) 2000

Scientific papers   
LEONARD EJSYMONT and KENNETH SHERMAN - Poland and United States Cooperation in Fisheries Ecology: A Multidecadal Retrospective 3
MORGAN S. BUSBY, ANN C. MATARESE, DEBORAH M. BLOOD and MAŁGORZATA KONIECZNA - Advancements in Ichthyoplankton Taxonomy in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea: Research Conducted by the Alaska Fisheries Science Center 1965-1999 11
ARTHUR W. KENDALL, Jr. - Status of Recruitment Studies of Northeast Pacific Fishes 21
ALLYN B. POWELL, DONALD E. HOSS, MAŁGORZATA KONIECZNA and LEONARD EJSYMONT - Summary of Ichthyoplankton Research by the NOAA Beafort Laboratory in Florida Bay, Everglades National Park, Florida, USA 43
JOANNE LYCZKOWSKI-SHULTZ, MAŁGORZATA KONIECZNA and WILLIAM J. RICHARDS - Occurrence of the Larvae of Beryciform Fishes in the Gulf of Mexico 55
JACK W. JOSSI and JOSEPH KANE - An Atlas of Seasonal Mean Abundances of the Common Zooplankton of the United States Northeast Continental Shelf Ecosystem 67
KENNETH SHERMAN - Marine Ecosystem Management of the Baltic and Other Regions 89
BENJAMIN H. SHERMAN - Marine Disease, Morbidity and Mortality,Toward a Baltic Sea Ecological Disturbance Information System 101
PIOTR MargońskiI - Impact of Hydrological and Meteorological Conditions on the Spatial Distribution of  Larval and Juvenile Smelt (Osmerus eperlanus) in the Vistula Lagoon (Southern Baltic Sea) 119