Bulletin of the Sea Fisheries Institute 3 (145) 1998

Scientific papers   
IWONA PSUTY-LIPSKA and ANNA GARBACIK-WESOŁOWSKA - Species composition and fish distribution in the Pomeranian Bay and Szczecin Lagoon 3
Research reports
TOMASZ HEESE - Populations of non-commercial fish species of the coastal area of the southern Baltic Sea 21
TOMASZ WANDZEL and ZBIGNIEW NEJA - The fecundity of perch from the Międzyodrze waters 41
Other papers
IRENA BORZĘCKA - The historical picture of summer and winter sea trout occurrence in the Vistula River 51
KORDIAN TRELLA - The results of ichthyofauna research at investigation areas near the central coast 57
ANTONI Wysokiński - Fishery management in the Szczecin Lagoon 65
The conditions of fisheries in central Europe and Russia - Jan A. Szczerbowski 83