Motorboat STYNKA II (a local/coastal vessel)

Length overall: 12.17 m
Breadth: 3.98 m
Draught: 1.1 m
Engine: Compression-ignition engine type SW 400 M2/3 of 70.0 kW power, VETUS 5 unit
Equipment #1: Trawl winch + stern gate
Equipment #2: UKF radiotelephone, radiotelephone type SAILOR 6215, echosounder FURUNO and GPS receiver, SIMRAD radar
Home-port: Świnoujście

Research equipment

  • A small-meshed research bottom trawl for catching fry, with an insert of mesh size 6 mm, an inlet area at the connection of square and wings (headline=headrope bosom) =9.80 m², trawl inlet area =7.54 m². Speed of trawling 2.5–2.8 knots. The boat is applied for fry catches in the Szczecin Lagoon and the Pomeranian Bay. Bottom set nets of NORDIC type can also be deployed by STYNKA II.
  • Portable hydrological probe (Ruttner and Patalas samplers) and bottom sediments samplers (Ekman’s, van Veen’s and HAPS scoops (=diggers), as well a tube scoop).
  • Sets for plankton sampling (Bongo net with a diameter of 61 cm and Baby–Bongo), pumps for zooplankton catches, neuston net for microplastics determination.
  • Portable devices for measurements of the basic hydrological parameters in a water column (STDs, pH-meters).

Motorboat ŁM MIR 2

Length overall: 9.10 m
Breadth: 2.90 m
Zanurzenie: 0.95 m
Engine: Internal combustion engine PZM Puck, SW 400 of 70.0 kW power
Equipment: VHF SAILOR radiotelephone, GPS, SEIWA navigation computer, FURUNO radar, COWRANCE echosounder
Home-port: Tolkmicko
Purpose: The vessel is available for juvenile and adult fish investigations with the passive fishing gears applied during the days when the wind force is below 6°B.

Research equipment

An echosounder and a plunger pump are the fixed installed devices on the vessel “MIR-2”, permanently ready for using.

As the portable devices, used as tools for various projects realization, can be mentioned:

  • hydrological probes (Ruttner and Patalas samplers),
  • STDs and pH-meters,
  • bottom sediments and zoobenthos samplers (Ekman’s and HAPS scoops (=diggers),
  • a tube scoop, dredges and a set for the stratification of bottom sediment cores,
  • set of tools for experimental studies of benthos,
  • equipment for macrophytes studies (plant anchor and Bernatowicz’s sampler).
  • equipment for sampling epiphytes,
  • sets for ichthyoplankton (neuston net), zooplankton (plunger pump) and nektobenthos sampling (net on a frame),
  • fishing nets of “Nordic” type.

Motorboat MIR-3 (aluminum material)

Length overall: 5.00 m
Breadth: 1.90 m
Draught: 0.15 m
Engine: Outboard motor HONDA of 12 kW power
Equipment: Radiotelephone
Home-port: Gdynia

Motorboat MIR-4 (laminate material)

Length overall: 7.25 m
Breadth: 1.80 m
Draught: 0.32 m
Engine: Outboard motor Yamaha of 29.4 kW power
Equipment: ICOM IC-M73 EURO radiotelephone
Home-port: Frombork
Purpose: A boat is designated for fish research catches, stocking as well seabirds monitoring and commercial fish screening in the Vistula Lagoon and the Puck Bay.


tel. +48 58-73-56-332

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