Ongoing projects

at the NMFRI
Data collection for fisheries managementannualnational2022-01-012022-12-31NMFRIM.Eng. Ireneusz WójcikMinistry of Agriculture and Rural Development subsidy6 432 000 PLN
BalticDigiTourBaltic DigiTour. Connectivist Massive Open Online Courses for Digitalization in Baltic Tourism Attractionscompletedinternational2020-09-252021-12-31 Hochschule Stralsund – University of Applied SciencesGrażyna Niedoszytko, M.Sc.Interreg Baltic Sea Region5000 EUR
GIOŚ/21The influence of microplastic contamination on the
structure and functioning of microbial trophic networks
completednational2021-06-292021-11-15NMFRIDr. Piotr MargońskiChief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection1 055 476.94 PLN
GIOŚ/22The influence of microplastic contamination on the
structure and functioning of microbial trophic networks
completednational2022-05-302022-11-23NMFRIKatarzyna Spich, M.Sc.Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection1 475 144.27 PLN
PLASTFLAG/22The influence of microplastic contamination on the
structure and functioning of microbial trophic networks
underwaynational2022-06-012027-05-31NMFRIDr. Katarzyna PiwoszNational Science Centre2 138 257 PLN
Packaging/22Development of innovative methods for modified atmosphere packaging of selected ranges of fish products under production conditionsunderwaynational2022-03-012023-05-31NMFRIDr.Eng. Bogusław PawlikowskiOperational Programme “Fisheries and Sea” for the period 2014-20201 845 471.69 PLN
Flagellates/22How complex are aquatic microbial food webs? Unveiling the trophic role of middle-sized heterotrophic flagellates in freshwater and brackish habitats.underwaynational2022-02-072025-02-06NMFRIDr. Katarzyna PiwoszWeave-UNISONO1 598 200 PLN
Baltic ScientistBaltic Scientist – the series of films popularising the Baltic Sea science, dedicated to school-age childrenunderwaynational2021-12-012023-03-31NMFRIKatarzyna Borowiak-Dzwonkowska, M.Sc.Ministry of Education and Science282 780 PLN
Monografia/21Scientific research as an element of the fisheries cultural heritage on the example of 70 years of the activities of the National Marine Fisheries Research Institute in Świnoujściecompletednational2021-09-022021-11-30NMFRIDr. Agnieszka Szkudlarek-PawełczykOperational Programme “Fisheries and Sea” for the period 2014-202024 842.50 PLN
BaltVib/21Pathogenic Vibrio bacteria in the current and future Baltic Sea waters: mitigating the problem (BaltVib)underwayinternational2021-04-012024-03-31Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research WarnemündeDr. Marcin RakowskiBIODIVCLIM726 020 PLN
Low-value/20Reducing the negative impact of inland fisheries on the aquatic environment through innovative management of low-value fish speciesunderwaynational2020-09-012023-05-31NMFRIDr.Eng. Olga SzuleckaOperational Programme “Fisheries and Sea” for the period 2014-20201 999 982.47 PLN
RybKom/20Study of the local market for fish and fish products, with particular reference to supply, demand and distribution channels for fish from local suppliescompletednational2020-05-122021-10-31NMFRIM.Eng. Tomasz KulikowskiOperational Programme “Fisheries and Sea” for the period 2014-202095 742.68 PLN
PROCESSORS/20Replacement of the production of Baltic cod products with new products from other fish species in fish processing plants due to the introduction of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1248 regarding the ban on cod fishing in the Baltic Sea from 22 July 2019completednational2020-04-01
2021-12-31NMFRIDr.Eng. Bogusław PawlikowskiOperational Programme “Fisheries and Sea” for the period 2014-20207 949 696.60 PLN
PIKE/20Experimental restocking of pike grown in RAS as a method of managing coastal fisheries crisis (PIKE)underwaynational2020-01-012023-02-28NMFRIDr. Dariusz FeyOperational Programme “Fisheries and Sea” for the period 2014-20207 449 930.70 PLN
IMBIOIntegration and mobilisation of Eukaryot's biotic diversity data in the resources of Polish scientific institutionsunderwaynational2020-01-012023-03-31University of WarsawDr. Joanna CałkiewiczOperational Programme Digital Poland373 791.00 PLN
DIOXINS/19Monitoring of dioxins and PCBs in fish caught in the Polish Marine Areas. Chemical analysis and good practices in monitoring.completednational2019-12-182021-10-31NMFRIDr.Eng. Lucyna Polak-JuszczakOperational Programme “Fisheries and Sea” for the period 2014-2020737 736.26 PLN
GUIDE/19Development of a programme for using modern, complex carp processing technologies in aquaculture farms and fish processing plants. Guide.underwaynational2019-11-252022-08-31NMFRIDr.Eng. Bogusław PawlikowskiOperational Programme “Fisheries and Sea” for the period 2014-20201 884 852.28 PLN
ADVICE_Ministry of Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentAdvisory support services on Baltic fisheries and marine environment issuescompletednational2019-09-302021-12-06NMFRIDr.Eng. Joanna Szlinder-RichertMinistry of Agriculture and Rural Development 104 500 PLN
PUCK BAY/19A study programme on the marine environment of the Puck Bay, with particular emphasis on factors relevant to fisheries in 2019-2021completednational2019-09-062021-10-29NMFRIDr.Eng. Joanna Szlinder-RichertMinistry of Agriculture and Rural Development 2 453 000 PLN
BE-RuralBio-based strategies and roadmaps for enhanced rural and regional development in the EUunderwayinternational2019-04-012022-07-31Holger Gerdes,
EcoLogic Institute Berlin, Germany
Dr. Marcin RakowskiHorizon 2020831 130 PLN
eCudoElectronic Center for Providing Oceanographic Data eCUDO.plunderwaynational2019-03-012022-02-28M.Eng. Marcin Wichorowski,
Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Sopot, Poland
Lena Szymanek, M.Sc.Operational Programme Digital Poland2 194 673 PLN
KODEKS/18The development of "the Code of Good Production Practices in Fish Processing"completednational2018-11-012020-10-10NMFRIDr.Eng. Olga Szulecka Operational Programme “Fisheries and Sea” for the period 2014-2020437 855 PLN
Distribution, transformation and transport of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the atmosphere of the coastal zone – clustering methods and congener profile analysis in the assessment of the share of emission sources and the impact of meteorological factorscompletednational2018-10-032021-10-02NMFRIDr. Patrycja Siudek NSC - OPUS369 610 PLN
GRASSGrowing Algae Sustainably in the Baltic Seacompletedinternational2018-09-212022-03-31Fredrik Gröndahl,
KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
M.Eng. Tomasz KulikowskiInterreg Baltic Sea Region886 878 PLN
SITO/18Assessment of the possibility of improving the selectivity of fish catches performed with the use of fyke nets in the Szczeciński Lagooncompletednational2018-08-012018-12-31NMFRIM.Eng. Tadeusz KrajniakOperational Programme “Fisheries and Sea” for the period 2014-202041 686 PLN
GIOS/17Monitoring of fish fauna in the Polish Marine Areas during 2017-2020completednational2017-08-082020-11-12NMFRIDr. Piotr Margoński,
Katarzyna Spich, M.Sc.
Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection3 089 289 PLN
Multilevel assessment of microplastics and associated pollutants in the Baltic Seacompletedinternational2017-07-012020-06-30Dr. Sonja Oberbeckmann, Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde, GermanyDr. Barbara Urban-MalingaNCRD,
Bonus EEIG
830 107 PLN
Blue growth boundaries in novel Baltic food webscompletedinternational2017-04-012020-03-31Dr. Laura Uusitalo, Finnish Environment Institute, FinlandDr. Aleksander DrgasNCRD,
Bonus EEIG
612 162 PLN
nization of
the Research
Complex energy modernization of the National Marine Fisheries Research Institute Research Station building in Swinoujscie, ul. Plac Słowiański 11, Polandcompletednational2017-03-032017-11-30NMFRIAnna KonefałOperational Programme Infrastructure and Environment598 504 PLN
BM Love
Baltic Museums Love IT - to develop new IT-enabled tourism products for natural and cultural heritage tourist destinations in the SBR in form of multilingual BYOD-guided tours providing an enhanced visitor experience during and after the visit thanks to gamification, multimedia content, and augmented reality techniquescompletedinternational2017-01-012020-05-31Jakub Swacha,
University of Szczecin, Poland
Grażyna Niedoszytko, M.Sc.South Baltic823 864 PLN
Draft zoning plan for Polish Marine Areas in the scale of 1: 200 000completednational2016-07-222019-07-21Magdalena Matczak,
Maritime Institute in Gdansk, Poland
Dr.Eng. Iwona PsutyMaritime Office in Gdynia500 000 PLN
Identification of sources of cod (Gadus morhua) infection with parasites, based on the analysis of parasite fauna in marine invertebrates present in the diet of these fishcompletednational2016-07-082018-07-07NMFRIJoanna Pawlak, M.Sc.NSC - PRELUDIUM99 480 PLN
Inno-Aqua-TechCross-border development and transfer of innovative and sustainable aquaculture technologies in the South Baltic areacompletedinternational2016-07-012019-06-30Rainer Cramm, BioCon Valley GmbH, GermanyDr.Eng. Joanna Szlinder-RichertInterreg South Baltic621 471 PLN
ProHealthInnovative processing to preserve positive health effects in pelagic fish productscompletedinternational2016-04-012019-03-31Prof. Turid Rustad, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NorwayDr. Adam MytlewskiNCRD,
JPI HDHL Joint Action Food Processing for Health
891 959 PLN
SeaQualSeafood safety and quality in terms of the zoonotic and toxicological hazard: risk assessment, monitoring and mitigationcompletednational2016-05-172019-02-28Dr. Magdalena Podolska, Baltic ConsortiumDr. Magdalena PodolskaNCRD, BIOSTRATEG11 432 328.00 PLN
TABACODEastern Baltic cod: solving the ageing and stock assessment problems with combined state-of-the art tagging methodscompletedinternational2016-01-262019-12-31Karin Hussy, DTU Aqua Technical University of DenmarkDr. Krzysztof RadtkeBalticSea20201 750 869 PLN
BirdLifeStudy on mitigation measures to minimise seabird bycatch in gillnet fisheriescompletedinternational2015-12-152017-11-13Marguerite Tarzia, BirdLife Int.Professor Tomasz LinkowskiBirdLife International220 871 PLN
GADUS/15The effect of the environmental conditions on the growth rate of the early life stages of cod (Gadus morhua L.) in the southern Baltic Seacompletednational2015-08-112018-08-10NMFRIDr. Dariusz FeyNSC - OPUS559 544 PLN
Ocean Literacy – understanding the Oceanunderwayinternational2015-08-01NMFRIGrażyna Niedoszytko, M.Sc.Own funds
SUCCESSStrategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic Sustainably of the european Seafood sectorcompletedinternational2015-04-012018-03-31Bertrand Le Gallic, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, FranceDr.Eng. Olga Szulecka,
Dr. Marcin Rakowski
Horizon 2020824 097 PLN
BycatchDeveloping rational bases for monitoring bird bycatch for sustainable coastal fisheries management in the marine areas of NATURA 2000completednational2014-10-012015-09-30NMFRIMarcin Ramutkowski,
M.Sc., Lena Szymanek, M.Sc.
Association of Fishermen of Szczecin & Kamienskie Lagoons and Lake Dabie848 991 PLN
BIO-C3Biodiversity changes - causes, consequences and management implications BIO-C3completedinternational2014-03-012017-12-31Thorsten Reusch, Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany Dr. Piotr MargońskiNCRD,
Bonus EEIG
657 120 PLN
GLAEREGlaciers as Arctic Ecosystem Refugiacompletedinternational2014-03-012017-04-30Professor Jan Marcin Węsławski,
Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Sopot, Poland
Dr. Dariusz FeyPolish-Norwegian Research Programme237 762 PLN
MareFrameCo-creating ecosystem-based fisheries management solutionscompletedinternational2014-01-012017-12-31Oddur M. Gunnarsson
Professor Jan Horbowy7 FP UE368 556 PLN
INSPIREIntegrating spatial processes into ecosystem models for sustainable utilisation of fish resourcescompletedinternational2014-01-012017-12-31Henn Ojaveer, Estonian Marine Institute, University of Tartu, EstoniaProfessor Jan HorbowyNCRD,
Bonus EEIG
1 065 655 PLN
GIOS/13Monitoring of fish fauna in the Polish economic zone of the Baltic Seacompletednational2013-10-142016-11-15NMFRIAdam Grochowski, M.Sc.Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection1 626 016,26 PLN
PRELUDIUMUsing markers to study trophic relationships among the ichthyofauna of the Vistula Lagooncompletednational2013-01-232016-04-22NMFRIM.Eng. Agnieszka GóraNSC - PRELUDIUM99 580 PLN
HERRINGJoint cross-border actions for the sustainable management of a natural resourcecompletedinternational2012-06-012015-04-31Nardine Stybel, Inga Haller,
The Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Warnemünde, Germany
Dr. Dariusz FeySouth Baltic861 180 PLN
MyFishMaximising yield of fisheries while balancing ecosystem, economic and social concernscompletedinternational2012-03-012016-02-28Anna Rindorf,
DTU Aqua Technical University of Denmark
Professor Jan Horbowy7 FP UE96 037 PLN
ComFishStrengthening the impact of fisheries related research through dissemination, communication and technology transfercompletedinternational2012-02-012015-01-31Paul Pechan
Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany
M.Eng. Ireneusz Wójcik7 FP UE187 320 PLN
nisation of
Complex thermomodernisation of the Gdynia Aquarium in Gdyniacompletednational2012-02-012013-09-01NMFRIArtur Krzyżak, M.Sc.Regional Operational Programme for the Pomorskie Voivodeship for 2007-20132 959 773 PLN
DEMONADiversity and ecology of mixotrophic nanoflagellates in the Gulf of Gdańskcompletedinternational2012-01-012015-03-31Dr. Katarzyna Piwosz; Consortium of the NMFRI and the University of Zurich, SwitzerlandDr. Katarzyna PiwoszPolish-Swiss Research Programme 2009-2017742 768 PLN
LAGOONSIntegrated water resources and coastal zone management In European lagoons In the context of climate changecompletedinternational2011-10-012014-09-30Dr. Ana Lillebø,
Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Dr. Piotr Margoński7 FP UE589 243 PLN
European Union Basin-scale Analysis, Synthesis and Integrationcompletedinternational2010-12-312014-12-30Ole Henrik Haslund, Technical University of Denmark, National Institute of Aquatic Resources, DenmarkProfessor Jan Horbowy7 FP UE498 973 PLN
BM 2.0
Implementation of eGuides with cross-border shared content for South Baltic Oceanographic Museumscompletedinternational2010-12-012015-04-30Professor Michael Klotz, Stralsund University of Applied Sciences, Stralsund, GermanyArtur Krzyżak, M.Sc.,
Grażyna Niedoszytko, M.Sc.
South Baltic866 040 PLN
ZOSTERAProject on restoration and monitoring of sea grass beds in Puck Bay, Southern Baltic, Polish EEZcompletednational2010-04-292015-12-31Inter-Communal Association of the Puck Bay in Władysławowo, PolandDr.Eng. Iwona PsutyOperational Programme Infrastructure and Environment1 970 151 PLN
ODEMMOptions for Delivering Ecosystem-Based Marine Managementcompletedinternational2010-03-012013-11-30Dr. Leonie Robinson,
University of Liverpool, UK
Dr. Piotr Margoński7 FP UE227 856 PLN
ARTWEIAction for the reinforcement of the transitional waters' environmental integritycompletedinternational2010-01-012013-02-28Dr. Artūras Razinkovas,
Klaipeda University, Lithuania
Dr. Piotr MargońskiSouth Baltic822 960 PLN
INTEGRYBResearch and Monitoring Fishery Managementcompletednational2009-10-122015-01-31NMFRIM.Eng. Kunicki AndrzejOperational Programme Innovative Economy24 945 507 PLN
KnowSeasKnowledge-based Sustainable Management for Europe's Seascompletedinternational2009-04-012013-03-31prof. Laurence Mee, Scottish Association for Marine Science, Oban, UKDr.Eng. Wojciech Pelczarski7 FP UE415 498 PLN
BM 2.0Joint development of cross-border tourism information products by South Balticcompletedinternational2008-10-012012-03-31Professor Michael Klotz, Stralsund University of Applied Sciences, Stralsund, GermanyArtur Krzyżak, M.Sc.,
Grażyna Niedoszytko, M.Sc.
South Baltic614 557 PLN

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