IMM Exhibition – Cologne, 18th-24th January 2016

IMM Exhibition – Cologne, 18th-24th January 2016

The IMM Cologne 2016 was held on 18th-24th January. The Polish Institute in Düsseldorf and the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Cologne presented the Bright New. Polish Ideas Applied exhibition there. It involved breakthrough Polish ideas and design solutions, which used new technologies. Katarzyna Białousz and Anna Theiss were its curators. The exposition involved the new face of design – a solution to problems and a way of satisfying needs. The curators selected innovative Polish projects. They chose the ones, which applied new technologies, including the fishbone cutter for carp fillets, which was developed by the NFMRI and the Koszalin University of Technology. Below, we present an extract on the NMFRI which was published in the account on the exhibition in the weekend edition of Gazeta Wyborcza.

To cut bones

Those, who avoid having fish because of their aversion to bones may soon change their minds. A team of scientists from the NMFRI in Gdynia made a machine for processing them. The specialists focused on the Cyprinidae family, which can be encountered in Poland: carp, bream, silver carp or grass carp and black carp. They have developed a device, which can cut bones, in a way, which makes them imperceptible while eating but allows the carcasses and pieces of fish to keep a nice shape. A proper way of cutting fish is not only a way of dealing with the bones, but also a method of improving the taste and aroma of the meat.


Bone-cutting machine (photograph from the Trade and Investment Promotion Section collection)

The bone cutting machines designing and industry implementation may be treated as a part of the EU project Tailor-made seafood for health and well-being. Can carp soon be associated with simple, everyday food, not a festive and slightly controversial meal, which is difficult to prepare?