Department of Project Services and Information

About the Department

Department of Project Services and Information is the unit responsible for providing comprehensive support for the preparation and implementation of projects financed from external funds.

The specific tasks of the Department include:

  • coordination and control of projects implemented at the Institute, including international projects;
  • performing information activities within the local contact point;
  • supporting scientific departments by helping to prepare applications, as well as settlements and reports on the implementation of tasks;
  • supervision of documentation concerning patent applications and patents, created at the Institute;
  • coordinating national works related to international base ASFIS (Aquatic Science and Fisheries Abstracts);
  • care of a rich collection of literature in the field of marine fisheries research stored at the NMFRI Scientific Library.

The tasks of the Department of Project Services and Information include also all works related to the planning and control of the scientific, technical and service works, the conclusion and settlement of contracts, the collection and preparation of relevant reporting.


Małgorzata Arndt-Szyszko, M.Sc.
tel. +48 587-356-265