Department of Fisheries Economics

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About the department

The main aim of the Department of Fisheries Economics is to conduct research as well as commercial services which support the management of marine fisheries.

The detailed tasks of the Department are:

  • developing proposals for resource management guidelines and participation in shaping the basis of Polish and international fisheries policy
  • cooperation with the Polish marine administration and companies or associations
  • research into the fish market and the aspects of its regulation in the EU countries
  • research into development tendencies in fishery, fish processing and fish trade in Poland


Acting Head
Dr. Adam 587-356-188

Senior scientists
Dr. Adam 587-356-188
Dr. Emil 587-356-118
Engeneering and technical employees
Teresa 587-356-114
Małgorzata Kieliszewska, 587-356-112
Dr. Joanna
M.Eng. Tomasz
Dr. Marcin 587-356-119
Dorota Skrzyńska, 587-356-360
Dr.Eng. Olga 587-356-157