Department of Fisheries Oceanography and Marine Ecology

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About the department

The basic activity of the Department of Fisheries Oceanography and Marine Ecology is research in the South Baltic Sea area as well as its lagoons (Szczecin Lagoon, Vistula Lagoon) in:

  • Biology, ecology and taxonomy of the following groups of organisms:
    • phytoplankton
    • zooplankton
    • ichthyoplankton
    • macrozoobenthos
    • meiobenthos
    • young fish
  • Assessment of the state of fish food supplies;
  • Mapping of marine and freshwater fish spawning areas;
  • Examinations of fish larvae with the application of otolith microstructure;
  • Ecology of the invasive species;
  • Assessment of the marine environment condition with a particular attention paid to:
    • assessment of the size of biogenic components inflow to the Baltic Sea from various sources on the territories of Poland;
    • assessment of the level of marine environment pollution with antropogenic waste, with particular attention paid to microplastics.

Apart from the research work, the Department conducts the following expert activities:

  • Complex biological studies of the marine environment, including the studies conducted in connection with the construction and operation of marine infrastructure (submarine installations, wind farms, hydrotechnical structures);
  • Complex assessment of the impact of human activities and ventures conducted in the sea areas on the marine environment;
  • Mapping of bottom habitats in marine areas;
  • Defining natural determinants in spatial development plans of marine areas;
  • Analyses of spatial data in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS);
  • Ecological modelling.


Acting Head
Dr. Adam Woź 587-356-224