Department of Processing Technology and Mechanization

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About the department

The basic task of the Department of Processing Technology and Mechanization are scientific, research and development activities as well as research services for the fishing industry in the field of technology modernisation and fish processing mechanisation as well as the assessment of fish or invertebrate raw materials or products.

The basic tasks of the Department are:

  • studies and assessment of the value in use of fish and other seafood raw materials,
  • development studies in technologies of processing fish raw materials for food, feed or technical products,
  • research and design works connected with mechanization of single operations or fishing industry processes,
  • development of systemic solutions as well as training in fish processing technologies, including quality control – for external clients,
  • developing technological and technical assumptions as well as expert opinions on fishing industry processes and operations – for external clients.


Acting Head
Prof.Eng. Andrzej Dowgiałło 587-356-185

Prof.Eng. Andrzej Dowgiałło 587-356-185
Senior scientists
Dr.Eng. Bogdan 587-356-184/180
Engineering and technical employees
Dr.Eng. Mariusz 587-356-361
Krystyna Igras-Zieliń 587-356-189
M.Eng. Dorota 587-356-181
M. Eng. Katarzyna 587-356-276
M.Eng. Kamila Kozieł 587-356-209