Department of Fisheries Resources

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About the department

The basic aim of the Department’s activity is to develop and implement an ecosystem approach to the resources management, i.e. considering the impact of environmental factors on the living resources as well as the impact of fisheries on the exploited resources and the ecosystem.

These themes are approached through the following research fields:

  • Biology and the significance of fish populations in the Baltic Sea ecosystem, including:
    • determining the impact of natural and anthropogenic factors on the life processes and behaviour of fish (like reproduction, growth, feeding or migrations),
    • analysis of chosen parameters and characteristics of fish as bio-indicators for changes which occur in the environment,
    • genetic characteristics of the used resources, with a special attention paid to the possibilities of identifying populations.
  • Defining the dynamics and production of stocks of significant species of fish, which are caught as a part of Baltic and deep-sea fisheries, so that their resources can be used rationally.


Prof. Jan 587-356-267

Deputy Head
Dr. Anna Wą 587-356-275

Prof. Jan 587-356-267
Dr. Magdalena Podolska, Professor of 587-356-225
Dr.Eng. Iwona Psuty, Professor of 587-356-140
Senior scientists
Dr. Włodzimierz 587-356-270
Dr. Katarzyna Nadolna-Ał 587-356-215
Dr.Eng. Krzysztof 587-356-223
Dr.Eng. Kordian Trella 587-356-266
Dr. Szymon Smoliń 587-356-193
Engineering and technical employees
Dr.Eng. Jerzy 587-356-214
M.Eng. Tadeusz Krajniak* 913-262-722
Julita Gutkowska, 587-356-213
Zuzanna Mirny, 587-356-213
Joanna Pawlak, 587-356-215
Dr.Eng. Wojciech 587-356-234
Sylwia 587-356-206
Dr.Eng. Kordian 587-356-266
M.Eng. Mirosław Wyszyń 587-356-269
*- Research Station in Świnoujście