Prospective directions of scientific, development and implementation activities for 2019–2023

Prospective directions of scientific, development and implementation activities for 2019–2023


The prospective directions of the scientific, development and implementation activities of the National Marine Fisheries Research Institute result directly from the Mission and Vision of the Institute and from the role that the Institute plays by virtue of having been granted the status of the State Research Institute.

Mission: Providing independent, objective and up-to-date knowledge based on scientific activity as well as research and development works, which support economically sustainable and environmentally sound development of marine fisheries.

Goal: Achieving the status of a reliable and modern research institute, which is attractive for scientific and business partners (in Poland and abroad), and conducts comprehensive research into sustainable exploitation of marine ecosystems and use of marine fisheries resources.

The role of the Institute is to conduct research and expert activities, in particular for fisheries, processing and aquaculture as well as fisheries administration in the scope specified below:

  1. Research into the sustainable and environmentally safe use of marine renewable resources.
  2. Collection and analysis of catch and economic data on the operation of national commercial and recreational fisheries to support scientific advice on resource management, including under the EU Common Fisheries Policy.
  3. Multidisciplinary research and studying the functioning of marine ecosystems as a basis for:
    1. ecosystem approach to resource management,
    2. limiting the negative impact of fisheries on the ecosystem, taking into account the importance of the sector for the cohesion of the social structure,
    3. industrial use of the potential of the seas and oceans, while protecting the environment and adapting to climate change,
    4. assessing the importance and services that marine ecosystems provide to society,
    5. assessment of the state of the marine environment, including the assessment of the effects of planned investments.
  4. Research on the nutritional value and safety of seafood.
  5. Research in the field of processing technology and the use of fishery and aquaculture products.
  6. Socio-economic research on fisheries and fish processing, including for the purpose of the impact assessment on fisheries, the environment, fish market, spatial planning and fisheries management.
  7. Education and broadening the knowledge of the society on the functioning of marine ecosystems and their sustainable use.

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