Department of Logistics and Monitoring

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About the department

The basic tasks of the Department of Logistics and Monitoring are technical organisation and field sampling as well as basic laboratory and statistical analyses for monitored programmes and projects, especially in the field of fishing, ichthyofauna and the Polish Marine Areas environment condition. These tasks are repeatable and completed based on previously developed methodologies. Therefore they are not scientific research. During their performance, the experience of the team, logistic efficiency, standardized sampling and effective reporting are essential.

The National Programme for Collection of Fisheries Data (NPCFD) is a part of such activity. The programme is conducted by the NMFRI based on the Resolution of the Council of Ministers establishing a Multi-annual Programme of Fisheries Data Collection.  As a part of the NPCFD, the Department of Logistics and Monitoring conducts and controls the efficient and cost-effective fisheries sampling. The Department also conducts projects associated with the inventory and monitoring of the marine environment commissioned by the state administration, and other projects whose aim is to assess the impact of planned investments on the marine environment.


M.Eng. Ireneusz Wó 587-356-366

Deputy Head
M.Eng. Tomasz 587-356-211

Engineering and technical employees
Maciej Adamowicz, M. 587-356-210
Rafał Adamski, M. 587-356-210
Zuzanna Celmer, M. 587-356-187
M.Eng. Karina Choma* 913-262-725
Wojciech 587-356-220
M.Eng. Łukasz 587-356-222
Władysław Gaweł, 587-356-191
Barbara Grabowska, 587-356-274
Adam Grochowski, 587-356-233
M.Eng. Marek Ję 587-356-187
M.Eng. Kamil 587-356-218
Krzysztof Koszarowski, 587-356-191
Katarzyna Krakówka, 587-356-210
M.Eng. Adam 587-356-364
Grzegorz 587-356-221
Marcin 587-356-221
Dr. Marzenna 587-356-274
M.Eng. Piotr 587-356-258
M.Eng. Paweł Rosa* 913-262-725
M.Eng. Marcin Sułkowski 587-356-226
Marta Szymańska, 587-356-210
M.Eng. Michał Szymań 587-356-258
Luiza Ś 587-356-216
Stanisław 587-356-213
Ireneusz Wybierał 587-356-218
M.Eng. Radosław 587-356-197
M.Eng. Michał 587-356-191

Department 587-356-216

*- Research Station in Świnoujście

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