Platinum medal for the NMFRI at the International Warsaw Invention Show 2017

IWIS 2017

The International Warsaw Invention Show is Poland’s largest international event promoting inventions and innovation. Research institutes, universities and polytechnics as well as innovative companies and individual inventors presented their achievements at the exhibition. This year’s exhibition hosted inventors from 32 countries around the world showing over 300 solutions. They presented innovations providing the overview of technical achievements – some of them are already in use, and some still are awaiting implementation.

At the exhibition the NMFRI presented a device for cutting fish into steaks or strips and for this solution was awarded the platinum medal by the international jury.

The invention is the universal table-top machine for two pre-treatment fish operations, previously carried out by two independent devices – a device for cutting fresh and frozen fish fillets into strips. Changing the function of the device is uncomplicated and does not require qualified personnel. It requires replacing the adapted to cut deheaded and guttet fish cutting set for the one adapted to cut fillets, including frozen ones. Thanks to its small size (LxBxH – 560x680x510 mm), the device can be used not only in fish processing plants but also in catering, mass caterers and supermarkets.

Medal averse

IWIS 2017 A

Medal reverse

IWIS 2017 R