EUROLAG10 conference

EUROLAG10 conference

The EUROLAG10 conference, which the National Marine Fisheries Research Institute was pleased to co-organise with the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography of the University of Gdansk, took place in Gdynia from 19-23 June 2023.

Previous editions of the conference were held in Italy ( four times), Lithuania, France, Portugal, Spain and Greece, so this year scientists studying the coastal lagoons and estuaries met for the first time in Poland.

A total of 80 researchers from 12 countries (Albania, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom) participated in the meeting.

The main topics addressed at EUROLAG10 were the assessment of the buffering role of lagoons and estuaries, the main objectives and methods of protecting these ecosystems, ways of assessing their ecological status, monitoring methods including ecological modelling for integrated management, indicators of environmental status or the impact of alien species on coastal ecosystems.

The EUROLAG10 conference was divided into six thematic sessions:

  • Linking lagoons and estuaries with the coastal sea: buffering role and active migrations;
  • Monitoring, indicators, and status assessment;
  • Modelling as a tool for an integrated assessment;
  • Alien species – their impact on coastal ecosystems;
  • Environment preservation versus economic importance: shall we transform the entire sea into marine protected areas?
  • Issues of a regulated lagoon,

which included lectures and poster presentations.

An additional element of EUROLAG10 was a workshop: Assessment of the Sustainability of Coastal Lagoons.

May the next edition of EUROLAG10 be just as fruitful and successful!

See you in two years!


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